Juan Mendoza Photography began in 2010 after the artist decided to follow his wife’s advice to give up engineering and follow his dreams. Soon after, he obtained his photography, digital imaging (retouching), and English literature degrees. Juan loves photography, literature, music, his wife eyes in the morning, the laugh of his two children and life in general. He understands that by pursuing these loves and passions we can create art and unforgettable memories.

Juan Mendoza Photography works closely with clients, making them partners and creators of a common vision and a unique product with great quality. Our experience covers various fields of photography including weddings, engagement, lifestyle, maternity, product photography, events, real estate, corporate, and fashion. We are also open to tackling other fields.

We invite you to check our professional photography portfolio. If you have an event or a photoshoot idea please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the details and work with you.

mom and newborn embrace

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  1. Beautiful pictures you have. I am looking to create my own fashion line. I will start witb some skirts. I would love for my pictures to look profesionnal from the get-go. How does it work in terms of price time and other variants that I didn’t consider ?

    Thank you

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